Customer Appreciation Day with Thomas Creek Brews

Saturday, October 1st  brought the first cool day of the fall season and the most recent customer appreciation day at Frank Smith Beverages in Pottstown.  The event was special invitation only.

In attendance (besides a lot of happy patrons) were representatives from distributors – Gretz, for one, and yours truly, from Nevulis Beverages.  Many of our known and favorite brewery folks poured beer as well – Sly Fox, Sam Adams, Victory, Ommegang among them…all good names, all great brand recognition.

What was not familiar, however, is what created the biggest buzz.  As is usually the case at these events, and
true of craft beer drinkers in general, is what was (or is) NEW!

And what was new this time around was the beers from Thomas Creek Brewery.  At our sampling, the four featured beers were the Appalachian Amber Ale, Classic Five IPA, River Falls Red Ale, and the Deep
Water Dopplebock.

The Appalachian Amber poured smooth and crisp, and the samplers enjoyed the malted flavors, the soft caramel notes and its easy drinkability.

Second on the list was the Classic Five IPA, and even with its intense and varied range of hops, it was described as a softer IPA, and as one “hophead” noted, it could easily become his “session IPA”.

The River Falls Red had to be the day’s favorite. Backed up by its receipt of the 2010 Silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival, there was no one disputing the attributes of this medium bodied Irish style red ale.

And then, yes, the Deep Water Dopplebock. Just one sip, and those deep creamy notes of chocolate and coffee was an easy sell for those skeptics that “feared the bock”.  Also noteworthy is that this one is another Silver medal winner, GABF, 2008.

The event lasted just a few hours, but was long enough to make some friends and extol the virtues of Thomas Creek Brewery.  A fun event it was, and a good beer was had by all!

Diane Radick
Montgomery County Beer Specialist

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Not Just Pretzels and Pizza Anymore

Beer hardly ever gets any respect. If you were to ask random people what kind of food they would eat with a beer…the answers would all sound like the foods you lived on in college. I am guessing pizza, hot dogs, Doritos, more pizza, and anything from Taco Bell. Plus I’d have to throw pretzels in the mix…only because I have recently enjoyed a necklace made of pretzels at a local beer festival. They pair well with every kind of beer.

Wine on the other hand gets sophisticated answers like finecheese, delicate fish, or a rack of lamb.
Visions of sitting in a dimly lit bistro listening to classical music come to mind…as opposed to a
smokey bar and listening to “Freebird”.

Unfortunately, the large commercial breweries have tarnished the reputation of beer, and dumbed our senses to the possibilities that beer presents when thinking of food….and where we drink them.

Fortunately for us, we are seeing more high quality beers that lend themselves beautifully to pairing with food.  We are also fortunate enough to have a select few restaurants that prefer to treat these beers
in the same respect of fine wine, and choose to market them side by side.  This is the case at the fine Italian restaurant Toscana52 in Trevose, Pa.

And fortunately for me, I had the pleasure of attending a six course dinner at Toscana52…alternating courses between energetic Italian brewer Iacopo Lenci’s beers from Birrifio Bruton and his father’s wines from Fattoria
Magliano. Iacopo was present, as was his brother Nico, to present the beer and wine, and to educate us as we stuffed our faces!

Since we are mostly here to talk about beer, here are the beer pairings for to you salivate over and be inspired by…

Swordfish Carpaccio                                                                                                                                        Thinly sliced swordfish seasoned with citrus juices, sea salt, cracked black pepper, mandarin wedges, and pickled ginger.

Paired with Bruton Bianca…a silky, aromatic wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peels.
The subtleness of the beer went perfectly with the zip of the pickled ginger and lushness of the swordfish.

Prosciutto Wrapper Lamb Chop                                                                                                                     Seared to perfection and served over mushroom polenta topped with a Bruton Lilith and wine reduction.

Paired with Bruton Lilith…a Eurpoean style India Pale Ale with the perfect balance of hops and caramel malt.  The subtancial body of the heavier carmel malt in this beer easily supported the salt of the prosciutto and the sweet robustness of lamb.

Honey and Plum Panacatta                                                                                                                              Velvety goodness topped with a plum and Bruton Dieci reduction

Paired with Bruton Dieci…a sweet barley wine with accents of caramel and plum.  I don’t think a
description is necessary here, simply two great things that go great together.

The other courses were equally amazing and masterfully matched to wines. My favorite of those courses had to be the braised wild boar.  My only regret from the evening is that I wanted more!  So I said goodbye to my hosts for the evening and drove home, contemplating why society has built such a wall between beer and wine, and what I could do break down that wall.

By the time I got home…all this thinking of breaking down beer walls and such had made me hungry again…and well…thirsty too.  So I grabbed a beer, some leftover pizza, and a bag of pretzels and re-evaluated the role of beer in the meaning of life!  I guess I’m just a simple-minded fool…but I never said I DIDN’T like pizza, pretzels, and beer.

Wally Mattus                                                                                                                                                       Bucks County Beer Specialist






Italian brewer Iacopo Lenci from Birrifio Bruton


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Cooking with Sugar Hill Golden Ale in West Chester

Harlem Brewing Company founder Celeste Beatty and son Khouri providing her world famous Sugar Hill beer at Don Pepi Deli in Penn Station.









Join us for a live cooking demo on October 20th, 2011 performed by Blue Pear Chef. The two-hour event will feature recipes that reflect the flavors of some of Harlem Brewing Company’s favorite local restaurants, infused with Sugar Hill Golden Ale, paired with signature beer cocktails.
Special Guest: Founder Celeste Beatty

Blue Pear Bistro
275 Brintons Bridge Road
West Chester, PA 19382-8207
(610) 399-9812

~First Course~

Collossal Shrimp & Southern Grit cake with crown of sauteed okra
A Train Cocktail, Sweet Lime Iced Tea

~Second Course~

Grilled Pear Salad, Mixed Greens, Walnuts, Blue Cheese with Sugar Hill Beernaigrette
Sugar Hill Golden Ale

~Third Course~

Short Ribs of beef with Honey Hop Mustard* Mango Glaze and smoked collards
Renaissance Cocktail

~Fourth Course~

Sweet Potato Pie topped with pecan Sugar Hill brittle
Harlem Night Cockail

*Hop Mustard from Foothills Hop Farm, Munnsville, NY
Special thanks to Sylvia’s, Spoonbread, Melba’s, Lenox Lounge and my Mother’s home


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Beer Before Coffee

Beer before your morning cup of joe anyone?  Well it is 8:30 and I am sipping on a John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale.  This is a first…well thats not entirely true, I believe in college I have had beer for breakfast, but I am fairly certain it was well after 8 in the morning!  So I am drinking from the bottle, but only because of my lack of dishware at the moment, although I pondered pouring the brew into a coffee cup. Look at that, beer and coffee have a lot in common - both are called ‘brews’!

John Henry is an imperial stout brew style that has been bourbon oak aged and brewed with three different dark roasted malts creating chocolate, nutty and coffee flavors.  I suppose if you are going to drink early, a malty beer with coffee notes is a good way to start.  Hints of bourbon, caramel and oak come through in the sweet aroma and flavor as well. Yes, I said bourbon, this is a 9.1% ABV beer!  While I suppose the alcohol is a bit high for an early morning jolt and although each sip I take I am ready to go back for another, I usually can only drink one or two of these creamy, robust flavored beers.  Afterall, I still have to go to work today!

Has anyone else tried a nice brew for breakfast, or with breakfast lately?  I suppose a Dopplebock or Porter would be a good choice as well…… hmmm, may have to do this more often! A nice coffee/vanilla stout actually sounds quite delicious!

Find out more about John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale










Sarah Hume

E-Commerce/ Inside Sales

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Dopplebock Pork Loin Roast

Now that it is football season I like an easy, delicious crockpot recipe for game day.

Take a pork loin center roast and rub generously with salt, pepper, garlic, Rosemary
and thyme. Pour one bottle of Thomas Creek Dopplebock over and cook on low.

Danielle Lodge
Craft Beer Specialist


Hello world!

Welcome to THE GRIST, the official blog for Nevulis Beverages.  My name is Sarah Hume and I am the E-Commerce/ Inside Sales Manager.  Nevulis Beverages is growing everyday throughout PA and the world wide web!  My focus and goal is to educate all of the PA counties that we do not currently have an outside rep in about all our delicious craft beers and why they are so unique and great!

With that said, we have many of our knowledgable sales reps working hard throughout the Lehigh Valley down to Philly and out to Harrisburg, who will be co-authors of this blog with myself. We will do our very best to inform, educate, entertain and chat with you all about brewskies, of course!  We appreciate and look forward to your feedback, ideas, and comments, we want to hear from YOU!  Thank you for reading our blog and we look forward to the fun adventures of blogging.

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